Double Tassel Silver Clutch

$ 186.00

Welcome to Tabelina

Tabelina is a designer jewelry and accessories brand launched with passion and creativity by Miami-based Founder and Creative Director Isabel Cancela. Her gorgeous selection of handbags and jewelry, with the distinctive symbol of the dragonfly, has been hugely successful amongst celebrities and in stores from Miami to New York.

The Tabelina symbol is a majestic dragonfly in the shape of a woman's body with the heart in the highest position. The woman in the logo follows her heart to manifest her dreams because she knows that only through the power of the heart do dreams really come true! This empowered woman think with her heart, discerns with her mind, and lives from the very core of her being at all times. Our lives, like the lives of the dragonfly, are but a fleeting moment in time… so we must dream without limitation, live with intensity and authenticity, and fly like the Tabelina!